Lab members

Principal Investigator

Gaowen Liu, Lab head

Gaowen Liu received her Master degree in 2012 from National University of Singapore (NUS) for her study of epigenetic regulation of FLC locus in Arabidopsis of Dr. Yuehui He at the Temasek life science Laboratory (TLL).  She then joined the group of Dr. Giulia Rancati at Institute of Medical biology, A*STAR to systematically study adaptive evolution of budding yeast to the deletion of essential genes, where she published first author paper in Cell and received her PhD in 2016 from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She obtained postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Prof. Sophie Martin at University of Lausanne in Switzerland, studying fusion efficiency evolution to the deletion of essential mating genes. She received prestigious Long-term postdoctoral fellowship from Human Frontier Science Project (HFSP) for her postdoctoral training. She won Ray Wu prize, national excellent oversea student award and Kaluza prize finalist in 2016. She became a PI in SIAT since 2021

Research Assistants

Jun Peng, Research Assistant

From 2016 to 2019, Jun Peng received his Master degree in the School of Life Sciences, Xiamen University. During this period, he worked in the group of Professor Siqing Zhang on the role of cell death signaling pathways. The training during the postgraduate period gave him a variety of biological skills. He joined the lab in January 2021.

Yang Chen, Research Assistant

In 2021, she received a master’s degree in genetics from Southwest University. During the postgraduate period, she mainly engaged in the molecular biology of plants,study of plant epigenetic regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana. She joined the GLiu Lab in June 2021.